Source: Thomson Reuters ICD Islamic Finance Development Indicator and Orbis Bank Focus

WIBC Leaderboard Concept and Methodology


The WIBC Leaderboard provides industry participants with dynamic and visual rankings of Islamic banks as compared to their peers at the global, regional and national levels, based on various robust financial and governance metrics:


  1. Financial Stability: Total Capital and Tier 1 Capital Ratios, Loan-Loss Reserves (LLR) to Gross Loans Ratio, Loan-Loss Reserves(LLR) to Non-Performing Loans(NPL) Ratio, Non-Performing Loans (NPL) to Gross Loans
  2. Financial Performance: Return on Average Assets (ROAA), Return on Average Equity (ROAE), Cost-to-Income Ratio (CIR), Assets Growth
  3. Governance and Social Responsibility: Financial Disclosure Index, CSR Disclosure


The data employed in creating the assessment framework has been collated from the ICD Thomson Reuters Islamic Finance Development Indicator and Orbis Bank Focus. The data will also shape the Leaderboard aggregate rankings, which will be composed of a weighted index of the various aforementioned metrics – with the view to eliminating data biases.